What Is The Best Resume Template To Use

published on 24 October 2022

A resume is an important document that can make or break your job search. It will be reviewed by employers looking for clues about whether or not they want to give you a chance in their organization.

The kind of template you use for your resume can make a big difference in how well it conveys your skills, experiences, and personality.

There are many great career services websites with free resume templates you can modify and/or edit to fit your style and needs. Some even have easy customization features so you don’t need any experience to put together your unique masterpiece!

In this article, we will discuss the different types of resumes, what benefits each type has, and which one might be better than the others for you.

Template resume


A template resume is an excellent way to get your career rolling! A template resume is a pre-designed format for creating a professional-looking job application. It includes all of the important components, such as a business address, contact information, skills, experiences, etc. You can add your personal touches to make it fit you more closely, or keep them the same as the original to create your unique version of the perfect resume!

Most people use templates because they are straightforward and easy to follow. This makes it very practical to put out a lot of applications quickly without having to go through too many steps. There are several good quality free and paid template sites online that have large selections of resume templates you can download and edit if needed.

General tips when editing a template: remember to update your email address, phone number, and website links; include enough detail about yourself (“experience” in past jobs is not sufficient); be careful not to overextend yourself by listing too much or repeating things that do not relate to the position being applied for.

Full-color resume templates


Recent trends in career services are full-color resume templates. A full-colored resume does not remain within the bounds of black and gray like most resumes. These types of resumes were originally designed to be printed off of a computer and then scanned into PDF or DOC format.

Most full-color resume template sites offer you the chance to choose from several different styles, layouts, and feature sections. This is great as it gives you some choice in how your profile looks!

By designing your resume, you get to choose what colors look good and how they fit together. You also have the option to edit the color scheme later if you want!

Full colors can be made using Microsoft Office tools such as PowerPoint or Word. Many people use Photoshop to do this as well.

Creative resume templates


A creative career or job change summary template allows you to express yourself and emphasize your strengths. These are not limited to just making a picture or flower pattern but can include things like telling a story, using metaphor and analogy, highlighting achievements, etc.

This type of resume format comes in a variety of styles and you can easily edit and customize them to match yours! There are many free and paid creative resume template sites where you can find the ones you love.

When it comes to creative resume templates, there are several options!

Some of the best creative resume template types include:

* Fun fact-themed resumes * Timeline resumes * Comparison resumes (lifestyle vs work) * Objectives versus achievements lists * Venn diagram designs

There are so many different styles and formats in creative resume templates! The choice largely depends on your needs and preferences.

Restructuring templates


As mentioned earlier, there are many great free online resume template resources available anywhere you look. Many of these have good job descriptions or at least ones that can be easily adapted into a career-focused document.

Most people begin by choosing from one of the popular resume format examples before tweaking them slightly for their own personal style and way of writing. By doing this, they get some inspiration for how others like themselves organize information and emphasis on content.

The hardest part is deciding which type of resume to create! There are very specific types of resumes such as chronological, reverse chronological, goal-focused, and combination. All of these require different formats and styles to make it clear who you are and what you want to achieve with your life.

Functional resume templates


When doing a job search, one of the first things you will face is choosing between a chronological resume, career profile, or functional resume. A chronological resume is focused on highlighting your skills and positions held, in order.

A career profile focuses more on who you are as a person and what you like to do. This type of resume is typically not accepted by most employers because they want to see recent position changes and action taking place.

A functional resume is categorized under the adaptive resumes category. It does not tell a story of past achievements, but instead lists functions or courses of action that you took. These actions can be professional or personal and can be educational or inspirational.

Sample resumes


A great way to find your perfect resume template is by looking at other people’s resumes! Many free online resources offer sample career portfolios or even fully designed resumes.

You can also take some of the components from different templates and put them together to make yours look more professional.

By looking through these samples, you will learn how to include all of the necessary information while keeping it concise.

These eye-catching designs will help you get noticed for what makes you stand out as an expert in the field.

Create your own resume


A good way to find what style of resume is best for you is by creating your own! You do not need any experience to create your career summary or résumé.

Many free online resources can help you design and edit your professional-looking career summary or résumé. Many sites offer users the opportunity to publish their new profile so people can give feedback and comments.

By doing this, they get an understanding of how to improve and tweak the document to make it more effective. By using these sites, you will be able to take some tips from all different versions to make yours look most like what you want it to.

With technology moving at such a fast pace, there are always ways to access and use tools to pick out a great resume template, make your spin, and impress recruiters.

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