Best Jobs To Put On Resume

published on 12 September 2022

Finding jobs can be hard, even when you have the right resume and are applying for the same job using the same application process. A skill that many people don’t realize is available to most employers is that of freelancers.

A freelance worker is someone who works independently or in teams depending on the project. This person does not work full time for one employer, they create their own stream of income by offering their services to different clients.

There are several reasons why having this skill as part of your portfolio is important. Obviously, it shows you have management skills, but it also demonstrates self-reliance and ability to start your own business.

The other reason is that almost every major company uses at least some freelancers at times. Even if it’s just for creating an online article or replying to an email, there’s a good chance you already know how to do this!

This article will talk about a few gigs you may have had as a freelancer that will raise eyebrows over at the HR department of the company you applied to work for.

Administrative assistant


An administrative assistant works with other departments or individuals in an organization to ensure that their tasks are completed efficiently and with high quality. They take care of things like answering calls, emails, and messages, scheduling meetings, organizing documents, and managing people’s accounts and files.

Administrative assistants usually have several bosses and thus they learn how to be efficient when communicating and meeting with different people.

Their jobs can vary widely as well. Some employers look more heavily for certifications than others, but all administrative assistants need at least a bachelor’s degree, and some positions require advanced courses such as business administration or marketing.

The average salary for an administrative assistant is around $25-30 per hour depending on the company and area of work. A higher income level therefore requires having your own personal skills and going out to find new positions.

Being an administrative assistant is a great career choice if you are looking to enjoy taking responsibility and helping other people.

Phone operator


A phone operator is someone that answers calls for a company, typically in an area of the caller’s choice. This could be for a small business who needs help with their phones or a large organization looking to spread its message.

A good phone operator will show interest in the callers they talk to. They will listen to what each person says and respond to them accordingly. 

Phone operators make enough money to afford health insurance so if you are looking to have coverage yourself, this may be a good job for you.

Furthermore, if you enjoy talking to people then this can easily be turned into a second career as long as you learn how to manage your conversations!

Running your own phone line allows you to customize your working environment which makes it more productive. You get to choose where you work and what equipment you use which both aid in concentration.

Online marketing coordinator


An online marketing coordinator (or OMCO for short) works with other members of the marketing team to create content designed to attract new customers or retain current ones.

They also work to promote these products through social media platforms, advertising, and blogging.

OMCOs are usually paid per job they do, so their pay depends on how many jobs they take on. However, people in this position tend to be compensated well because they get great bonuses for bringing in new business.

Their bosses reward them for success - which is why it is important to develop relationships at your workplace to make sure you’re being rewarded properly.

Event planner


As an event planner, you will handle all of the organizational, financial, marketing, and promotional aspects of organizing or attending a gathering or celebration. This could be planning your friend’s wedding, hosting a conference, or overseeing the organization of an employee appreciation ceremony.

The most important thing about being an event planner is having a good time! You would probably want to take some professional classes first to make sure that you are able to run a successful event.

Your success as an event planner depends largely upon your relationships with others and ability to build trust. Since events can cost thousands of dollars, there is a need for strong internal controls and accountability.

As an event organizer, you will have to deal with lots of different people and situations so it is helpful to be organized and know how to manage your emotions.

Thinking ahead and keeping track of everything going into the event and coming out of the event is very important because things often break down due to lack of preparation.

Marketing consultant


A marketing consultant is someone that helps businesses develop new strategies to more effectively market their products or services. They are usually paid per project, depending on what projects they agree to do for a client.

Projects may include creating advertisements, finding new clients, organizing events, etc. The amount they get paid is dependent on how much work they do!

Marketing consultants typically have at least bachelor’s degrees in marketing or communications. Some even have graduate degrees like MAs in marketing or communication. With all of those skills, they can help you come up with creative ways to promote your business.

Business owners often feel overwhelmed by the amount of advertising they need to do to get their message out there and be seen. Having a professional handle this process can save them time as well as money.

There are many companies out there who hire marketing professionals. As such, it is not hard to find jobs if you are looking to hone your craft. Take some time to search through the internet and local job sites to see if anything sparks an interest.

Financial analyst


A financial analyst is someone who goes into business or finance-related companies to investigate how they function, what products they use, and whether they are cost efficient.

Financial analysts look at the costs of the product and if the company’s prices are fair. They also assess whether the company has enough money to keep running for a while.

By analyzing the finances in and out of a company, an accountant can tell you a lot about its health. And since most businesses need to know where their money comes from, this information is important to them.

The job of a financial analyst is more than just calculating numbers; it requires solving complex equations, understanding basic accounting concepts, and talking about economics.

Since many people work in finance, there are plenty of opportunities to get employment as a financial analyst.

Corporate travel agent


Being a corporate travel agent is a great way to make good money while staying in your field. Companies hire these people to handle their business travels, including booking flights, finding appropriate rooms, and making sure everything goes smoothly.

As a corporate traveler, you will get first-hand exposure to different areas of the world and experience diverse cultures.

It’s also not too difficult a job if you are looking to earn some extra cash as you have to take only 5%-10% commission off the cost of every trip!

There are many companies that offer this position so no matter which one you choose there should be easy access to training or guidance from management.

Dress designer


A dress designer is someone who makes or alters clothing for other people to wear. They typically start with an image or picture of what they want to create and then work backwards towards finding materials, developing patterns, and creating designs from there!

Dress designers have very specific rules and regulations about how clothes are put together, so it is important that you know these before starting your career as a dress designer.

Their styles are also known to be ever-changing, which means employers may not always use their current design trends in their creations. As such, being able to differentiate between common fashion styles and those designed by the person you would like to work for is crucial.

Furthermore, due to the nature of the job, dress designers are usually required to meet strict deadlines, making it important to show up well prepared and confident in yourself. Being able to take criticism and rework ideas after learning them is another valuable skill set to look into.

In addition to having a talent for designing beautiful dresses, anyone working as a dress designer must be good at communicating clearly and effectively. Due to the nature of the position, they will likely be interacting with others about their designs, and thus, need to be honest and straightforward.

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