Introducing - The Resume Supercharge

ResumePuppy’s Resume Supercharge is our premium resume revamp service we offer to help you build the best resume and kick-start landing interviews with the companies of your dreams. Resume Writing is a skill, and we mastered it over our years of hard work and meeting with many recruiters & hiring professionals.

Are you a student?

As an ambitious student, you might have visited your University’s career development center to seek help for resume-writing several times, but the real question is: “Does it help?” Unfortunately, the answer is No! We’ve observed that each student is different. Your talents are unique and incomparable with other students from your school, college, or University as a student yourself.

During our Resume Supercharge session, we find your key differentiator on your resume and help you showcase that while applying to jobs. We will also give you interview tips to help you ace the interviews.

You might be thinking: “Why in the world would I pay so much money for a resume review?”  Well! Some might say paying thousands of dollars as school fees and getting that degree certificate will help you find opportunities; yes! It’s true, but it all comes down to that 1 page of resume you send while applying to your dream role at your dream company. We want you to be on top of your game while you start applying for the jobs.

Students are willing to pay universities a lot of money to secure a degree and learn specific skills but Resume Writing is a skill in itself, and we teach you that during our Resume Supercharge session. 

Are you a Professional?

We have fine-tuned our concise writing skills through working with professionals and leaders with over 15+ years of experience. As a distinguished professional, you might be on the lookout for your next ample opportunity or your promotion, and we are your resume solution. During our Resume Supercharge session, we will ask you intriguing questions and allow you to think through your experience while we share the best practices with you in resume writing.

You get,

    • 1 hr and 30 mins resume revamping session Saturdays. Please note: If you cancel or move your schedule, your resume revamp session may be delayed, which in turn will affect your job applications and interview process.
    • Two offline feedback sessions through email with precise notes and advice for improvement.
    • One year access to ResumePuppy’s Premium & Exclusive features.
    • Responses to your specific interview questions you’re facing difficulties with, and the best answers to behavioral interview questions you encounter during interviews.
    • Answers to all resume questions you have as a student or a professional.

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