The Biggest Resume Mistake in 2022

published on 05 August 2022
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Yes, we agree that writing your resume wasn't easy because it took plenty of time, and more than time, it sucked out all of your energy. But, although you were spending so much time and energy, you may have felt a little off because you didn't know what was correct or incorrect with your resume after applying to your dream role. And, we understand that it's hard to tell since you might be a little biased into thinking that you have built the perfect resume.

It is fair to think that way! You are good!


You need someone who can give constructive feedback on your resume; we are here for you!

If you are an experienced professional, you probably know what's best for your resume. Still, it doesn't mean that you will avoid making the simplest mistakes that most other candidates make while applying for jobs.

The Mistake:

The biggest resume mistake even the fittest candidates make is writing their day-to-day responsibilities on their resume instead of what they did to move the business and create an impact within their organization.

Your achievements > Your day-to-day responsibilities, PERIOD.

Why is this a mistake?

When you apply for a job, especially when you are an experienced professional, the hiring manager and recruiter looking at your resume ALREADY know your day-to-day responsibility as a professional. 

They expect to see what you did that impacted the company or the business that you are currently working with or previously worked at. It might sound scary, but writing day-to-day responsibilities on your resume has become a cliche in job applications.


During your first round of interviews with the recruiter, or if you land your first round directly with the hiring manager, you will encounter some questions that are structured around:

1. What does your ideal day look like?

2. Can you describe a day in your life as a software engineer?

3. Can you tell me about your day-to-day responsibilities as a software engineer?

For these questions, you need to be equipped with the best response that explains your day-to-day responsibilities as a professional seeking the next ample opportunity. But, on your resume, you are expected to write the achievements you did in your previous experience.

We are here for you...

Regardless of all these common mistakes, we make as professionals, we wish you the best in your job search! Do ping us at if you have further questions about resumes, job search, and interview preparation.

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