How To Upload Resume On Ziprecruiter

published on 16 January 2023

A lot of people start looking for jobs online, through sites like TheJobList or There are also many social media platforms where employers advertise positions they have. These include things such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

By uploading your resume on these sites, you increase your chance of being contacted by potential employers. If you want more job opportunities, this is necessary work!

However, there is one site that can be tricky to use – ZipRecruiter.

ZipRecruiter was created in 2012, but has become very popular recently. It is an online platform where businesses look to hire employees. Companies create their own profiles on ZipRecruiter, and potential employees upload resumes and cover letters. Employers then contact the candidates via email or phone.

There are some benefits to using ZipRecruiter, but what may seem difficult at first can be done easily. In this article, we will show you how to quickly begin creating your profile and find employment through this website.

Free or pro, plain text or profile


First, you have to create an account, then you can pick either of the two most common types of resumes that people use – LinkedIn profiles or plain text documents.

ZipRecruiter allows you to add up to 5 documents as attachments to your profile. It also has some basic customization options like adding/removing tags, changing the position, and editing content.

However, don’t expect too much extra functionality than that! The more advanced features are available only to Pro members. But being a pro gives you all the other tools.

The free version does include one document attachment, but it will be limited to just 30 seconds long. After that, you need to upgrade in order to continue uploading files.

Create your profile


After you create your account, you will need to pick yourself as the employer or recruiter! This is very important because it allows people to view your professional career and educational background. You can choose to be anonymous, but that would limit how many opportunities you could join for potential employment.

ZipRecruiter offers several ways to create your profile. The easiest way is to use your Gmail address so that all of your personal information is linked together. Make sure to update your email in case someone leaves spam messages on your account!

You do not have to include every detail about yourself, such as what city and state you live in. Some employers and recruiters may contact you later to find out more details.

Upload your resume


A lot of career services providers offer online applications to search for new jobs. These apps allow you to upload your most recent resume, as well as include potential employers’ contact information.

Most job searching apps have you create an account through their site, but some do not. You can usually log in using your email address and password. Some make you choose between uploading a mobile or desktop version of your resume, so be sure to pick one!

Many sites also offer to help you build your profile if needed, which is very useful since you are giving out personal info that may be familiar to you but not necessarily others. By creating a professional looking profile, people will be inclined to take a look at your profile.

There are many free app-based job seeking sites out there. Try some out to see which ones work best for you.

The easy part...


After you have uploaded your resume, it is time to accept those opportunities that are a good match for you and take advantage of them!

Doesn’t matter if you get a cold response or if they ask many questions — unless they really wanted someone with their experience, you should consider accepting their offer.

On ZipRecruiter, you will receive up to 20 messages a day from employers looking to meet you. If you don’t respond within 24 hours, these opportunities probably aren’t worth your time. So, be sure to stay in touch after you upload your resume!

And when an opportunity does come along that seems like a perfect fit, go ahead and say yes!

It would be great to walk away without ever interviewing anyone, but in this industry there's always going to be something new coming around the bend. By being proactive about finding employment, you'll prevent yourself from having to spend too much time searching for work.

Talk to potential employers


When you upload your resume online, it is important to talk to potential employers about what tools they use for recruitment. Some prefer free job listing websites like Craigslist or LinkedIn, while others use more professional services such as ZipRecruiter or Monster.

By using a website that works for them, their audience can easily find your profile and read your resume! This is an effective way to get exposure for your career and connect with new people. It also helps you gain some credibility when you advertise yourself as a qualified employee via these sites.

Before you go ahead and upload


Finding new jobs is hard. It can feel like an uphill battle at times. However, there are some things you can do to make your search more efficient.

The first thing you should do when looking for work is evaluate the strengths of your current (or past) employer. What skills did you have that made you successful? Did you grow in your position?

These qualities can be transferred into another company. By using these as points for your resume, you will emphasize how well you handle responsibilities and increase your appeal to potential employers.

Furthermore, find out what types of positions their management or staff members have. This way you can put those onto your own resume!

Last, check out the other documents such as LinkedIn profiles and blogs to see if anyone else has success with this company. If so, add that information to your own profile or spread them about yourself.

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