How to answer tell me about yourself as a fresher in 2022

published on 05 August 2022
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At ResumePuppy, our mission is to help job-seekers tell their stories well, be it on the resume with our AI-driven resume builder or be it on during the interview through our blogs page. We have sworn to help you excel in landing that interview of your dreams, and we also try our best to support you during your interview process.

As a fresher, your number 1 goal is to stand out during your interview and make sure you express yourself well and confidently share the required information with the interviewer.

"Tell me about yourself" is one of the most commonly asked questions during your first round of interviews and it is even more common when you meet someone new in a professional setup or at work. You will literally come across this question plenty of times both on and off the interview.

For our blog, let's keep it to the 'during the interview' scenario, where you are the interviewee in the scene, and the interviewer asks you, "Tell me about yourself." 

Your heartbeat is raising.

You are struggling with the lack of words.

You are sweating.

You are starting to speak up but you are also thinking "first impression is the best impression"

We want to tell you, that you need an inner voice that tells you "RELAX, it's all good, I am gonna nail this interview"

The Framework

We want to introduce you to a framework that has proven to work and make your first impression super-successful.


You can start by discussing your educational background and your story of choosing a major in college. Storytelling is essential, and you have a good chance of having a "click" moment with your interviewer if the interviewer resonates with your background and story.

For example: "Hi, I'm <first_name>, and I grew up in <your_city>, and I have a <your major> background, I chose this major because <your_reason>"


The alignment is critical. When an interviewer asks you, "tell me about yourself," their underlying question is, "why are you here? What do you want?". We don't mean to scare you, but that's the truth. So how you align yourself with the company you are interviewing for is the next best item to showcase during your interview.

For example: Tell something 'good' about the company, like "I did a ton of research about your company, and there are a couple of things I found very interesting - <List those company achievements from your research>, and I want to be a part of your broader mission and goals"


We want you to remember that not everyone is good at expressing their strengths. To stand out during the interview, you need to be very expressive about your strengths and how you fit in. So take your time to brainstorm and list some of your "real" strengths that would truly impact the business or the company. And while finishing your statement, make sure to explain how your strength will benefit the company.

For example: "I love talking to people, explaining things to them, and I communicate well, I don't get drained being around people, and that's the main reason why I believe I am the ideal candidate for this customer success position."


Off the framework, but this part is entirely under your control, and it's optional to try this during your interview. Try establishing a connection with the interviewer; in work & life, it's all about relationships and how you show your relationship with your peers. Of course, try not to be intentional about it, but you can see if you can do so.

If you need any more help, feel free to reach us at, and don't forget to try ResumePuppy!

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