How Long Does A Job Interview Last

published on 28 February 2023

Interviews can last anywhere from ten minutes to several hours. How long an interview lasts is dependent on a few key things.

How busy the interviewer is depends on how long the interview takes. If they have a limited amount of time and need to move onto the next person, that is something to be aware of.

How well you engage with them and answer their questions determines how long they want to continue asking you questions. If you are not answering questions clearly or seem unsure or unprepared, they may spend more time trying to clarify things with you.

Their schedule may restrict how long they can have your interview. If they have other people coming after you, but need to get back to other tasks, then the length of the interview may be limited by that.

It depends on the company


As a general rule, most interviews last around 30 minutes. Some are shorter and some are longer, but this is a decent average.

Many companies schedule multiple interviews with interviewers at different levels within the organization. These can add time to the process depending on how many there are and how long they each last.

Some companies have group interviews or bring in outside sources to determine whether or not to hire someone. These also take longer due to the number of people involved and the fact that there is a group discussion.

The length of an interview depends on what the company is looking for and how much time it takes someone to get that information. If they need several things answered and it takes someone two hours to answer those questions, then the interview will be two hours long.

Asking appropriate questions, answering them, and giving good examples can help shorten the interview process.

It depends on how many people are interviewing

As we mentioned before, the number of people who interview you can determine how long your interview will take.

If there are several people interviewing you, then the process will take longer. More people need more time to review your information and decide if they want to offer you the job or not.

The first interviewer may ask you some questions while another interviewer asks questions as well. They may even ask the same questions, so that adds more time to the process!

How long does a job interview last? It depends on how many people are interviewing you. The more people that are interviewing you, the longer the interview will take.

Five to six minutes is typical


As mentioned before, the typical interview length is five to six minutes. This is the average time it takes for the interviewer to ask you all of the questions they need answered.

Some questions may be very direct and thus take little time to answer. Others may be more involved and take a few minutes to discuss. The interviewer also takes into consideration your answers as well, so if you give good answers then the interview will end sooner!

Some companies have shortened the interview length to two to three minutes due to time constraints. If this is the case, then it is best to be prepared for that length of time! Being prepared does not mean studying more questions, but rather being calm and professional.

Interviewers know that two to three minutes may not show how capable someone is, so they also look at other qualities such as personality and communication skills.

Prepare for the entire time


While it is acceptable to arrive a few minutes early, arriving too early can be awkward. It can make you look eager or anxious, and the interviewer may feel obligated to keep you occupied until the scheduled time.

It can also make you look unprepared or disorganized as you spend time sitting and talking with the interviewer before the interview begins.

Sitting and talking with the interviewer before the interview begins is awkward, so do not do this!

The length of an interview can vary depending on the job and employer. Some employers schedule a one-hour interview for each candidate, while others have a day full of interviews.

Whatever the length is for your interview, prepare to answer questions and take part in the whole process for that length of time.

Know how long the interview is


Interviews can last for anywhere from twenty minutes to three hours. The average interview lasts about an hour, so keep that in mind when thinking about how long you will be at the interview.

Most interviews include some chatting about background, professional experiences, questions about if you fit the job and the company, and then questions about benefits and compensation.

Many people feel nervous at interviews, especially first-time ones. However, most interviewers are friendly and enjoy chatting with new people. Therefore, they often ask simple questions like “How’s your day going?” or “What’s your name?”

If an interviewer seems really cold or stern, it might be because they are trying to create a professional atmosphere.

Be prepared for questions


As mentioned before, interview questions are typically grouped into several categories. Most categories include a few specific questions that are common to all jobs and employers.

These include personality or motivational questions, skills questions, question about employment history, and question about your understanding of the job or company.

Depending on the number of questions asked, there can be anywhere from two to ten of these categories of questions. Some interviews are designed with only a few questions in mind while others ask many questions depending on the person interviewing you.

You should prepare for both types and answer them well!

Many people find it difficult to answer interview questions quickly. It may take you a while to mentally process the question and gather your thoughts to give an appropriate response.

It is good to take your time to think about your answer, but keep in mind that the interviewer wants an answer quickly as well! Giving a quick but thoughtful answer is what counts.

Follow up with a thank you email or note


Following up after an interview is just as important as doing well in the interview. Sending a quick thank you email or note after the interview is a nice way to show that you appreciate their time and effort.

Sending a thank you email after an interview follows the same rules as any other formal email. You should include your name, reference to the interview, why you are appreciative of their time, and maybe some flattery.

For example, you could write how excited you are for the next stage in the process, and how impressed you were by their organization. You also mentioned some personal qualities that helped you connect with them, so thank them for that!

Maybe end with something like ‘I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon’ or something casual like that.

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