How Effective Is Indeed

published on 19 December 2022

Many people use Indeed to find work, but are not sure whether it is effective or not. Some say that using the service is a waste of time because you can easily search Google for the same information. Others say that Indeed is more efficient than doing your own research due to its easy access to other resources and companies’ profiles.

There have been several studies done comparing the effectiveness of looking up company information via Google versus through Indeed. What most researchers found was that Indeed does make finding some information easier, however there is no proof that it is any better than just searching Google directly.

In this article, we will look at the claims made about Indeed and how strong the evidence supporting those claims is. We will also discuss why many claim that Indeed is less trustworthy than going straight to Google.

Who uses Indeed?


Many large companies use Indeed to find their next top manager or leadership position. Companies look at profile pictures, videos, and past employment experiences to determine if they want to bring someone in as a new leader.

Indeed also features an online job application tool that allows employers to create accounts and add positions (both internal and external).

Employers can then upload all of their documents and require specific ones before making the offer. Indeed verifies employees’ credentials so there are no fake applications.

For individuals looking for work, indeed is a great way to search for jobs. The site covers lots of different industries and locations, and employs many strategies to ensure quality candidates come through.

What does Indeed know about employers?


Employer profiles tell you how many employees an organization has, what departments they belong to, whether their position is full time or part time, and if they receive a pay check each week or every other week.

They may also include any additional information such as whether the employee is covered by health insurance, paid vacation, and/or sick leave. And most importantly, they will tell you whether the employer is indeed trustworthy.

By looking at previous media interviews, job postings, and reports, it’s possible to determine if the person offering employment is telling the truth. It’s also important to do your own research and ask questions about the company. You can find out all this information easily online.

Indeed offers a very straightforward way to evaluate employers. All you have to do is look at the numbers in the Employers section of the site.

You’ll see that some companies simply state “we had X number of positions available” with no further details. Obviously, these are not very credible statements.

Other companies list the exact number of positions along with the average amount of experience needed for each one.

How to find a job on Indeed


Many people use Indeed as a way to find jobs, so it is important to know how to use this valuable service effectively. Luckily, you do not have to work entirely alone in your job seeking endeavors here!

Indeed offers users a platform to create their own profile where they can add personal information, upload professional photos, include references, and connect to other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

From there, people can search for jobs using the site’s advanced search features or contribute to one of the site’s career communities.

Indeed may not be the best for employers


Recent studies show that using Indeed as your default search engine is not as effective as people think. In fact, it can be worse than doing business as usual by switching to another search tool!

Indeed’s claim to fame is that they advertise their “surge ranking” feature (where they boost the rankings of certain keywords) for free. They also offer VISA credit cards with up to $1,000 in rewards per month.

However, independent research has shown that this tactic actually backfires and hurts your website more than it helps you.

Why? Because when people use surge-ranking tools to do some quick searches, they tend to choose the popular option instead of looking through all of the results.

This cuts down on exposure for less well-known alternatives that would otherwise get seen. For this reason, even though Indeed offers these perks for free, it may cost you money in the long run.

To conclude


As seen in this article, Indeed is an extremely powerful job search tool that can be used for both professional and personal career changes. If you are looking to change positions or fields, or if you are just looking to refresh your career, Indeed is one of the best sites to use.

Indeed offers lots of services to help you find new jobs, and all of these services are free! The paid features such as premium accounts are quite expensive, but they do add some excellent additional functionality.

Some of the main benefits of using Indeed include:

  • The ability to create a limited access account so you can test their service before paying for it fully
  • Getting daily job alerts which notify you when a new position becomes available matching your preferences
  • Finding and applying for jobs easily with easy navigation tools
  • Having quick and direct communication with potential employers via the Job Messages feature

Overall, Indeed is a great way to launch into career changing strategies. They have plenty of features and valuable services that can aid in finding a new position.

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