Functional Resume Template

What is a Functional Resume?

A functional resume is written with the focus on your transferrable skills or just skills. In other words, we can call it a skill-based resume. Functional resumes are primarily used by professionals in industries that aren’t primarily tech. You can also choose to write a functional resume if you’d like to elaborate on your skills rather than writing your resume in a chronological format. 

What is a transferable skill?

Transferable skills are the hard & soft skills that can be transferred from your past experience to your future opportunities. The hard part about explaining a transferable skill on your resume is to set it in a quantifiable context that can be clearly understood by the recruiter who is looking to hire you.

What does a Functional Resume have?

  • Objective
    • It explains your resume’s objective i.e your goal as a candidate while actively searching for your next role and the position you’re interested in.
  • Skills
    • Skills section lists your primary transferable skills and under each skill, a list of bullet points that support your primary skills for the role is written.
  • Employment
    • Employment history lists the Company Names, Job titles, and Employment Dates without any explanation about the job duties or the skills used in each company.
  • Education
    • Education sections list the schools, universities, high schools, and anything that has to do with academics.

Who is the Functional Resume for?

We have primarily seen Functional Resumes used by students a lot, especially the students who haven’t done internships, volunteering, or any kind of industry-related experience before applying to their first full-time jobs and during on-campus placements. We have also seen Functional resumes used by people who’re looking to transition to a new career path, reentering the industry with relevant skills, and the candidates who took a long break in their careers.

Do we recommend a Functional Resume?

For tech professionals – No! We don’t. You may be wondering why we wrote about it in our blogs. Our goal is to make you aware that this type of resume exists and people still use it to apply to jobs. We recommend tech professionals use a Reverse-Chronological Resume where you mention your recent experience first and then work your way back to mention your previous experience along with relevant skills.

So, does ResumePuppy help?

ResumePuppy’s resume template is ready-to-go with the best template to start writing your resume content, with the format pre-optimized for your ease. ResumePuppy automatically arranges your experience in the reverse-chronological order and you can also target multiple roles through targeted resumes. Additionally, you can manage different versions of your resume seamlessly with our resume editor.

Use today to build the best resume!

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