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    Target jobs by quickly picking relevant keywords

    Generate a new resume with all the relevant keywords in just a few steps. Let us do the heavy lifting while you prepare for interviews.

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    Get AI-Powered Feedback

    Don't lose out on an interview due to avoidable mistakes. Analyze your resume and be confident when you apply.

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    Pre-made experience points to build your resume faster

    Make your resume stand out by taking inspiration from pre-made bullet points. Search by job title to find the right experience point and quickly add to your resume

Resume template that stands out

Building LaTeX resumes have never been easier. Make use of our rich-text editor and generate LaTeX resumes for every application.

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  • I started getting a lot of recruiter calls immediately after I started applying using a ResumePuppy resume. Turns out my previous resume was not being parsed properly by the ATS and I didn't even know it! ResumePuppy nicely walks you through the whole resume-building process. I just love this stunning simplicity ๐Ÿ™‚

    Arfah Saeed, TPM @Waymo
  • ResumePuppy is a one-stop platform for building an ATS-friendly resume for FREE! Talk about semantics, content, format, and structure, and all of it is taken care of by the websiteโ€™s fantastic design. The diverse resources that ResumePuppy provides to make an industry-ready resume are, by far, the best in the market. My resume started getting more attention, and I received x2 interview invites.

    Ayushi Shrivastava, Data @Kin + Carta
  • "So Easy to Create" I used ResumePuppy and it was really very useful. The resume generated is really very elegant and all the contents are equally spaced, so I do not have to worry about the structure and format of the resume. I could just focus on the content of my resume and be sure that the structure is perfectly taken care of.

    Architha Harinath, SWE @Walmart
  • I am a big proponent of DIY, whether it comes to 3D printing, or whipping up templates to write your own documents. Resume Puppy allows you to write your own LaTeX resume using a preset format and also has some pretty cool features making it super easy and quick to build your resume.

    Jayesh Sanwal, Scientist @KLA
  • I never knew building a resume can be so easy and hassle-free! I never enjoy editing/building my resume. Why? It is time-consuming and yet it is so important; it serves as a first impression in most job applications. I cannot mess it up. I used ResumePuppy for the first time and everything just fell into place. All I am trying to say is, that the next time you are going to build/edit your resume, give ResumePuppy a try! 

    Pearl Tin, MBA Student @CSULA
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